LATF Magazine Interview

LATF Magazine has posted a wonderful interview with Tom today, asking him some really interesting questions.  Here are a few excerpts:

Sometimes they rewrite on set.  Is there room for creative change and improvisation?

I'm personally not a huge fan of improvisation.  I think that just might be my background.  We have such an incredible group of writers, that when they throw stuff at me, I don't really want to interfere with their words beause they've created something rather good.  But between the pilot and shooting, I went into the writer's room and we had a long chat, discussing things that we all would like to explore.  We found a really good, happy balance.  There were no disagreements.

Your chemistry with Nicole Beharie is wonderful, and the reason why I ask if there was improvisation is because there are several scenes in the pilot that seem so natural between the two of you.

I think she's remarkable,  If I could work with Nicole for the rest of my career, I'd be quite happy.  From the moment that we screen tested together, something just seemed to click.  I don't want to try to get too mystical and indulgent about it, but sometimes there are actors that you just click with, and I think it's just because you enjoy playing together.  Plus, she is a remarkable actress and I've admired her work since I saw her in Shame.  I thought she was excellent.  If you both approach something, and you're both generous with each other, and playful with each other then that's when you get good chemistry.  I don't think there's anything more mystical than that.  It's just that she's a brilliant actress and I'm hanging onto her coattails.

You have a past and start in the theater.  How has that helped you at all for both film and TV?

Well actually, my screen career for the last 10 years has kind of been equal to the theater career, it's just that it's very little over here with the exception of a couple of miniseries and films in the last few years.  I'm not approaching this still with grease paint on my face, but actually, I think the one thing with the theater is that you can't stop thinking.  The moment that you switch off on stage, everyone can see you switch off, so you have to, when you approach one of these pieces, have a map of your thoughts to keep it real.  I think that's something that's really useful when there's a camera in your face, and your eye is telling whether you are thinking or whether you've switched off and you're thinking about getting back to your Xbox in the evening.  And Nicole has a great theater background as well, so I think that probably helps.

Completely aside from acting, I've read that you have a passion for music.

I wouldn't say I'm a proficient musician, I brought my ukulele to Wilmington; I'm afraid I couldn't bring my guitar with me, which is a shame.  It's something I'd love to be better at.  I just bought a trumpet for our few days off.  Everyone needs a hobby, so I'm going to teach myself the trumpet.

For the full interview, click through here.

Thanks to @Misonette for spotting this one!

Interviews from New York Comic Con

On Sunday, the last day of New York Comic Con, the Sleepy Hollow cast and producers rolled into town and met first with the press in the press room, then with their very appreciative fans at the Sleepy Hollow panel.  I'll post a synopsis of the panel soon, but here are a couple of interviews from the press room first:

Sleepy Hollow Hits NY Comic Con Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the cast and producers of Sleepy Hollow will be at NYCC for their panel at 2:45, hosted by EW's Kyle Anderson.  In their first appearance since the premiere and second season renewal, we'll probably get to see some new clips and there will be a Q&A session as well.  After the panel, there will be a free autograph session.  Perhaps there may even be a Headless Horseman or two wandering around.