Starry Constellation Magazine Interview at SDCC

A really fun interview with Tom, Nicole and Orlando has been posted on the Starry Constellation Magazine website.  An excerpt:

Q: Tom, how's it like to play Ichabod Crane in the modern world?

Tom: It's really nice to take a character that everyone recognizes, put him in a completely different place and work out how he would react to certain things outside of the story that we know.

Q: Are we going to have any Ichabod versus technology stories?

Tom: I'm sure they'll be plenty. I don't think we want it to go too over-the-top because that could get away from the story. The truth of someone waking up 250 years in the future…Well, I think you’d feel like you died. I would collapse.

Q: There is a scene where Ichabod was playing with a window in a car, which was very novel.

Tom: I love that! He's in a car and is not interested in engines or mechanics. It's just that you can open a window. I love that that's the thing that excites him!


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New Behind the Scenes Videos for Sleepy Hollow

Fox posted two excellent behind-the-scenes videos today.  The first features director Len Wiseman, and the special talent and point of view he brings to the show:


The second video shows us how they created the battle scenes, chats a bit with some of the very talented crew who made it all happen, and reveals the extraordinary amount of work that went in to shooting it: 

ET Interviews the Sleepy Hollow Cast

Here's an interview with Tom and Nicole, then Orlando and Katia that has been posted by

Tom Talks Hair Product and Taco Meat

This interview from Chuey TV is certainly the most unique we've seen so far.  Most importantly, though, we find out that Nicole recognizes Tom's eyebrow superiority and appreciates them almost as much as we do!