New Sleepy Hollow Episode Airs Monday!

Episode 1.06 of Sleepy Hollow, entitled "The Sin Eater," airs this Monday after a 3 week World Series hiatus, and will be the first episode to feature John Noble (as the titular Sin Eater).  Fox is going all out to promote the episode, giving us these 3 sneak peeks, an eight minute clip, and plenty of promo photos (already in the galleries).

Tom Talks to Buzzymag at the TCA's

They cover a lot of ground in this interview, talking about Ichabod's pride and character and many aspects of the show.  They touch on Tom's upcoming projects, about which he had this to say:

Like many other British actors, Mison has a healthy stage career in the U.K. His other film and television credits include the miniseries PARADE’S END, which aired earlier this year in the U.S. on HBO, VENUS, LOST IN AUSTEN, ONE DAY and SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN. As far as what he has coming up, Mison relates, “There are a few films coming out – a film that’s a very, very low-budget indie called DEAD CAT by a brilliant new English director called Stefan Giorgiou. There’s a film called JADOO, which is an English film about the Asian community in Leicester, which is the very center of England. That’s a cool one – that’s a love film to curry. You’ll watch it and you’ll just leave and go for a curry. And a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in a film called POSH, which was a play that I did in the West End last year, and it’s directed by Lone Sherfig [of AN EDUCATION]. She said, ‘It would be really fun. Why don’t you come along and prance about in my film?’ And I can’t say no to Lone – I think she’s a remarkable director. So those you can watch out for.”

Behind The Scenes on Sleepy Hollow Report

Last week, several reporters got a look behind the scenes of the show, and here is the first of the stories to be broadcast. Find out who is the practical joker on the set, how Tom is faring and what Ken Olin does to help perk Tom up:

FOX Carolina 21

Interviews with Tom and John Noble

Yesterday, Tom was interviewed via conference call by several journalists, with some live tweeting the call. He was asked (of course) about the 18th century clothing (they are "a big stinking security blanket" to the far from home Crane), balancing comedy with the drama ("we have to try to play everything straight") and also about the inevitable will they or won't they between Ichabod and Abbie:

Beharie plays Lt. Abbie Mills, the Sleepy Hollow cop who has her own experience with the supernatural and who teams up with Crane as they learn more about the strange, deadly goings-on in Sleepy Hollow. Mison laughs at the inevitable question of whether there will ever be romantic sparks between Crane and the "leftenant," as he pronounces her title.

"I think there's certainly something magic between Ichabod and Abbie," he says. "They certainly have a connection." If anything were to happen between them,  Mison says, "it would certainly be fiery."

Tom was asked about his new co-star, John Noble, whose character makes his debut on this Monday's episode, "The Sin Eater" - he called John mesmerizing and briliant.

It was John Noble's turn with the reporters today, and he had some very lovely things to say about Tom:

“The whole experience with the company was good,” Noble gushed. “With Tom in particular, he’s a beautiful man, but he’s also a fantastic actor. We had a lot in common. We also found we had common ground and we had theater background…but really, it was the connection we had on set that was special.”

The new episode called "The Sin Eater" airs on Monday at 9pm on Fox. Promo and behind-the-scenes photos are up in the gallery.  If you'd like to refresh your memory about what happened in those first five episodes, here is a "5 episodes in 5 minutes" recap: