Sign a Petition to Keep Sleepy Fridays!

If you are on Twitter, and a Sleepy Hollow fan in the US, you have undoubtedly come across #SleepyFridays.  The show re-airs on Fridays, giving us Sleepy Heads a chance to catch the episode again, and to enjoy the Twitter stylings of the Sleepy Hollow writers, producers and cast, most of whom have gotten on Twitter to live tweet, answer fan questions, or generally just cause some trouble (I'm looking at you @chitraelizabeth).  All the tweets are tagged with #SleepyFridays. It is tremendous fun.

Sadly, next Friday (10/18) is the last scheduled Sleepy Friday!  Fox has no more scheduled after that -- unless we can persuade them otherwise.  If you'd like to keep Fridays Sleepy, please click through to this petition and sign.  The petition will be sent to Fox in hopes we can convince them to keep letting us get our Ichabod Crane fix twice a week.

On the Air With Ryan Seacrest Radio Interview

Since Sleepy Hollow premiered last month, there has been a tidal wave of attention turned Tom's way, and there seems to be a common thread -- he is 'hot'.  Thankfully, his tremendous talent in portraying Ichabod Crane is being noticed too, but people seem to keep coming back to those gorgeous good looks.  He recently did an interview with the radio show "On the Air with Ryan Seacrest" in which he seemed a bit embarrassed by it all:


Kind of just makes you love him all the more, doesn't it?

Tom Talks Sleepy Hollow and The Great British Bake Off to Digital Spy

Digital Spy posted a great interview with Tom, in which they asked him about the reception of the show:

"There was slight trepidation before it aired, because it dawned on me throughout the making of it that it was a story that Americans held very dear. But people over here have really got on board, which is a nice surprise.

"I had horrible visions of me being sent home in shame after two weeks of it being aired, but it doesn't seem as though that is happening."


He also reacted to being called a sex symbol:

"Well I'm embarrassed by it. I can't be described as a sex symbol, I think it's ridiculous.

"They do get very giggly when they hear an English accent. And it's nice, don't get me wrong. I'm very happy to hear people say it. There's worse things that I could be called and I have been called, so to change it to something positive is always nice."

And he revealed his TV addiction:

"The Great British Bake-Off. I haven't missed a single episode since being here in the US. A friend of mine taught me a very clever way of how to make my laptop think it's in England so that I can watch Bake Off on iPlayer and I haven't missed an episode. In fact I just watched this week's episode just before speaking to you.

"I'm devestated that Glenn's gone. He was growing on me. You can't mess up those little chocolate nuns."

For the full interview, click through here.

Sleepy Hollow Premieres in the UK to Record Ratings

Last night's premiere episode of Sleepy Hollow gave the Universal channel its highest ratings since 2005, and was their highest rated premiere ever, according to

The show also got some great reviews, with the Metro giving the show 4 out of 5 stars GQ UK  had this to say:

With it's ludicrous premise, you're either in for a good ride or a long trip to snoresville - thankfully we're gifted with the former. Sleepy Hollow strikes the right balance with believable special effects (significantly more impressive than SHIELD) and a strong enough cast that can slip in and out of the serious and light-hearted moments. With Orlando Jones (Evolution) and John Cho (Star Trek) in the supporting cast, there's a lot of potential for a fun, knowing show that television has been missing for a long time.