Sleepy Hollow Holds Its Own In 2nd Week Ratings

The ratings came in for "Blood Moon," last night's episode of Sleepy Hollow, and the show held up well against heavy competition from the other networks.  The show pulled an impressive 3.1/8 with 8.5 million viewers, down only slightly from last week's premiere.  Sleepy Hollow is looking like a hit!

Promo for Sleepy Hollow Ep 1.03 "For The Triumph Of Evil"

The crazy, scary ride continues next week -- here's a promo for episode 3:


Sleepy Hollow Episode 2 "Blood Moon" Airs Tonight!

Not that you would, of course, but don't forget to tune in to Sleepy Hollow tonight at 9pm in the US and Canada, and 8:30pm in Australia!

Access Hollywood Interview

Tom recently had a nice chat with Access Hollywood during which they covered everything from ship names (Ichabbie vs. Crabbie), to what premiere day felt like, to romance possibilities for Ichabod, to whether he will stay in those breeches or not.  The full interview can be found on, but here's an excerpt for you:

Access: ... So, fun question — do you think Ichabod will ever grab a pair of Levi’s or will he stick with the pantaloons/breeches?

Tom: It’s a subject that people seem to be very interested in is our sartorial choices. I don’t know. I think when you’ve been transported far away from home through 250 years, in Ichabod’s case, you try and hold on to whatever you have left of that and Ichabod’s coat and boots are certainly remnants. It’s like a security blanket. So far we’re [leaning] towards that being Ichabod’s look, but there is no doubt when he gets into more scrapes and he tears his britches, he’s going to have go and get something.

Access: Finally, let’s talk about the humor of the show — the show has a really good sense of humor. I think immediately about the car window scene in the pilot.

Tom: Yeah!

Access: Are we going to get to see more of that where the show makes fun of itself a little bit?

Tom: Absolutely and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head where it’s the show gets the joke. So we can keep it being very important and serious subject for all of the characters, but the show as a whole gets it and yes, there’s plenty of that. I think that’s probably the most important ingredient is that it stays slightly tongue and cheek. If it was very, very earnest, if we were earnestly saying these guys are saving the apocalypse from the man with no face and an axe, that would be harder to get on board with, I think. But the writers, they’re very, very clever and from Day 1, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci and Len Wiseman have all been saying humor’s the key and I think it really works. They’ve struck a really nice balance and I’m really grateful for it.

Access: And thank God it wasn’t the 1970s when they had car windows you had to manually crank.

Tom: Oh! Winding. Exhausting. After three takes of that I’d be knackered.