Sneak Peeks at "For the Triumph of Evil" and a Look into Abbie's Past

Three new Sleepy Hollow videos were released by Fox today.  Here are two clips from next week's episode:


This video looks at Abbie's past, and includes interviews with Nicole and Clancy Brown:

Sleepy Hollow Ep 2 Re-Airs Tonight

Episode 2 of Sleepy Hollow will be broadcast again tonight on Fox at 9pm/8pm Central.  If you are on Twitter, showrunner Mark Goffman (@MarkGoffman) will be live tweeting at least the east coast broadcast (and the west coast if we exert a little Twitter persuasion) and the very entertaining Orlando Jones (@TheOrlandoJones) will hopefully be on for the west coast show.

In other news, Access Hollywood interviewed the lovely Nicole Beharie, and she had a couple of morsels about Tom to share:

Access: At least he bathed though, which is awesome, because back during Revolutionary times, they didn’t bathe that often. So that’s probably been more pleasant for you in the car.

Nicole: (Laughs) And, you know, Tom is actually really serious about embodying that kind of thing, so he actually won’t shower for like weeks.

We're hoping she's teasing...

Access: I noticed the ladies really like Tom (who plays Ichabod)? Is that weird for you because maybe you’ve seen him do something ridiculous and embarrassing…?

Nicole: No, he’s actually a gentleman, so they have every reason to love him (laughs).

Access: Ok. Is it going to his head yet, all the attention?

Nicole: It was born in his head (laughs). No, I jest, he’s a lot fun. He’s a sweetheart and yeah, the ladies love him. He’s a gorgeous guy and he’s so much fun to work with so more power [to them].


Not only did Nicole have nice things to say, but Jadoo director Amit Gupta, TV Guide Writer Rob Moynihan and Hannah Simone, Cece from Fox's New Girl, were chatting about Tom too:

Promo - Episode 1.03 - "For the Triumph of Evil"

More creepy scary stuff to come in the next episode of Sleepy Hollow!  I think I might sleep with the lights on after this one:

"For the Triumph of Evil" Sneak Peek

Looks like we get to learn more about Jenny, Abbie's sister, and dig deeper into the sisters' past, in next week's episode.  Take a look at this sneak peek: