EW Interview - 'Sleepy Hollow': Tom Mison on becoming Ichabod Crane and season 1's hair-raising finale

Entertainment Weekly has posted a fantastic interview with Tom, some of which they used in the spread from the magazine that I posted a couple of days ago.  This article is much more detailed, and starts out like this: 

What’s the secret to Sleepy Hollow‘s success? It’s easy to point to any number of factors — breakneck pacing, sharp writing, a supernatural premise that takes itself just seriously enough. Ask a Sleepyhead to answer that question, though, and chances are they’ll respond with just two words: Tom Mison, a.k.a. the English stage actor who stars as moody, arch, utterly captivating man out of time Ichabod Crane.

Nobody’s more surprised by how well the show has hit than Mison himself. “We’re [shooting] in some dark corner of deepest North Carolina — [so] we’re kind of in a bit of a bubble,” he tells EW. “We weren’t aware of how many billboards there were all over New York, for example, or how much it was promoted on telly.” Now, though, the word is out — and the humble Brit is having a blast both filming the show and keeping up with the fervent fanbase it’s already produced. “They’re very clever people watching,” he says, “which is a dream. It’s so nice to be part of something that inspires people.”

He goes on to answer many questions about the casting process, Ichabbie shippers, and the inevitable wardrobe questions, as well as these:

Ichabod speaks all these languages, he has a photographic memory, he knows cartography — what do you think his flaws are?
I think pride and arrogance. He is very proud, and that stops him from fully connecting with very much. What else would his flaws be? His moodiness, but I think that probably comes from his pride as well. His inability to deal with his loss — mind you, that’s kind of understandable when you die and wake up 250 years later and everyone you know died 200 years ago. You can probably understand why he’d be a bit moody.

You mentioned Ichabod’s archness earlier — I was wondering if you had a favorite line of his.
Oh, God! There are so many. I quite like that all of his putdowns, or his attempts at cutdowns, at Abbie — I mean, she’s the wrong person to try and put down. If he gets too arch orsmug, she’ll smack him down. She’s not going to take any nonsense from this cantankerous old man. I think probably my favorite moment so far has to be in the car with the OnStar Yolanda lady.

For the full interview, click here.

Katrina and Ichabod Meet

See The Crane's first meeting in this clip from Access Hollywood:

NYCC Interview with TV Fanatic

A new interview from NYCC has been posted by TV Fanatic.  In it, they discuss Ichabod's past coming back to haunt him, Tom's affection for Ichabod's breeches and boots, and how Tom feels about his new sex symbol status (spoiler: he blushes!).

EW Article "Deconstructing Ichabod Crane"

Entertainment Weekly has a 2 page spread about all the different aspects of Tom's Ichabod, calling him "this fall's most intriguing hero."  They chatted with Tom and showrunner Mark Goffman for the article, so we get some great quotes like this one:

Though Goffman calls this revamped Ichabod a "wholly new" character, Mison says he based his performance on what would happen "if Walter White from Breaking Bad were played by Roger Moore."  As for Mison's body, which is considerably sexier than that of Irving's Ichabod?  "I'm far too self-deprecating to comment on that," the actor demurs.

Separate scans of each page are in the galleries here.