Interviews from New York Comic Con

On Sunday, the last day of New York Comic Con, the Sleepy Hollow cast and producers rolled into town and met first with the press in the press room, then with their very appreciative fans at the Sleepy Hollow panel.  I'll post a synopsis of the panel soon, but here are a couple of interviews from the press room first:

Sleepy Hollow Hits NY Comic Con Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the cast and producers of Sleepy Hollow will be at NYCC for their panel at 2:45, hosted by EW's Kyle Anderson.  In their first appearance since the premiere and second season renewal, we'll probably get to see some new clips and there will be a Q&A session as well.  After the panel, there will be a free autograph session.  Perhaps there may even be a Headless Horseman or two wandering around. 

Sign a Petition to Keep Sleepy Fridays!

If you are on Twitter, and a Sleepy Hollow fan in the US, you have undoubtedly come across #SleepyFridays.  The show re-airs on Fridays, giving us Sleepy Heads a chance to catch the episode again, and to enjoy the Twitter stylings of the Sleepy Hollow writers, producers and cast, most of whom have gotten on Twitter to live tweet, answer fan questions, or generally just cause some trouble (I'm looking at you @chitraelizabeth).  All the tweets are tagged with #SleepyFridays. It is tremendous fun.

Sadly, next Friday (10/18) is the last scheduled Sleepy Friday!  Fox has no more scheduled after that -- unless we can persuade them otherwise.  If you'd like to keep Fridays Sleepy, please click through to this petition and sign.  The petition will be sent to Fox in hopes we can convince them to keep letting us get our Ichabod Crane fix twice a week.

On the Air With Ryan Seacrest Radio Interview

Since Sleepy Hollow premiered last month, there has been a tidal wave of attention turned Tom's way, and there seems to be a common thread -- he is 'hot'.  Thankfully, his tremendous talent in portraying Ichabod Crane is being noticed too, but people seem to keep coming back to those gorgeous good looks.  He recently did an interview with the radio show "On the Air with Ryan Seacrest" in which he seemed a bit embarrassed by it all:


Kind of just makes you love him all the more, doesn't it?