Glamour Names Tom Their 'Guy of the Month'

In Glamour Magazine's October issue, they have declared themselves obsessed with Tom, and named him their Guy of the Month.  Along with this spectacular photo by Bjarne Jonasson, there's a blurb in which Tom tells us about how he was cast as Ichabod.  Now I can't agree with the ponytail comment (Tom rocks that ponytail, IMHO), but I definitely can agree that everyone is going to be falling for him come September 16th!

For the full article (and a higher res version of that photo), download the issue to your iPad, Kindle Fire or Nook by first downloading the Glamour Magazine app.  To find links to all three apps, click through here

Sleepy Hollow Scoop

So much news today!

  • Enter to win a Mac Book computer, an iPad, a digital media receiver, wireless headphones and a $250 gift card in the Anything But Sleepy Sleepy Hollow Sweepstakes, sponsored by People magazine.  You can enter once per day, until October 7th.  Good luck!
  • Laura Prudom of the Huffington Post has dubbed Tom one of the Fall TV Newcomers to watch this season.  She says:

"US audiences are certain to fall in love with this handsome Brit when they see his take on the iconic Ichabod Crane, the eccentric, acerbic and charismatic hero at the center of "Sleepy Hollow." Resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to the present day, Ichabod must find a way to defeat the seemingly unkillable Headless Horseman while navigating a world he no longer understands."

  • Fox released several new wonderful stills from the pilot - check them out in the galleries.
  • A mysterious new promotional video was also released called The Secret Life of George Washington:

Only a little over 2 weeks to go until the premiere!

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Sleepy Hollow

Fox Wilmington reporter Ashlea Kosikowski was on the scene for the advance screening of the Sleepy Hollow pilot in Wilmington, NC, where the rest of the season is being shot.  She reports on the screening, and also gives us another behind the scenes glimpse into the production, and we get to see more of her interviews with Tom and Nicole, as well as director/EP Ken Olin. 

Fox Fall Preview for Sleepy Hollow

Great new preview from Fox, featuring interviews with Tom, Nicole and Orlando talking about first reading the script, telling us a little about their characters and what we can expect from the show. 

"You'll never know what to expect from the next week, guaranteed."  Love it!!