Sleepy Hollow Premiere!

I hope all your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions as Sleepy Hollow launches onto our televisions tonight! If you are just discovering Tom and his work, welcome! Please check back often for updates on Tom's career, and you can also follow us on Twitter (@TomMisonFans), Facebook, Tumblr and even Pinterest (Tom Mison Fans for all). You can also join in the conversation about all things Tom in our forum.

Kurtzman and Orci on Casting Ichabod

It turns out Ichabod Crane, as originally conceived by the EP's Kurtzman and Orci, was not British.  Minds were changed, however, when Tom auditioned for them:

Like Kurtzman and Orci’s previous successful projects (Fringe, Alias) Sleepy Hollow boasts capable but not internationally known actors in the title roles.

“It was nice to discover a couple of fresh faces, who have obviously built a fandom of their own, but who are not really as widely recognized in television,” said Roberto Orci. “When you do that, you really get into their characters in a way that maybe you don’t if you’ve seen them play something else that you were super familiar with before.

“In the case of Tom Mison, we were not necessarily going to go for an English actor, but when we met him and saw him read, we realized that actually in the day of the Revolutionary War many of the folks fighting for revolution and for the independence of this country may have been recently arrived from the U.K. So the idea that this man with an eloquent accent is actually one of the first Americans who fought and almost died for this country was fascinating.  The idea of someone with Tom’s intelligence, seeing what the country has become, both in all of its glory and also in some things that maybe are shocking to him from what he was expecting back in the day, just seemed like a very interesting thing.”

Orci describes the Ichabod Crane character as a tricky part. “It’s got to have a sense of humor, but it’s got to be smart; he can’t just be going around marveling at every new thing that he sees. He’s got to play his cards close to his vest, so he doesn’t seem like he is totally out of time. He’s trying to fit in and he has the intelligence to do so and so, Tom is great for that.”

Sleepy Hollow Reviews Start Rolling In

With the premiere of Sleepy Hollow only ONE DAY away, reviews of the show are being posted all over.  Here is a sampling of some of the great feedback Tom is getting for his portrayal of Ichabod Crane: 

Mison plays Ichabod Crane not as the scared, loveable goof from the Disney cartoon or the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film, but as a much more traditional, broad-shouldered hero. This could have had me checking out of the show almost before it began if not for the streak of humor that runs through the pilot, most of it involving Ichabod’s reactions to everyday life in 2013. There’s just enough to keep the proceedings from being too self-serious without overwhelming the tone and losing suspense. It’s a tricky balance that the show is able to maintain in the pilot and hopefully that can continue as the series moves on.

The most vital part of keeping a steady tone is the leads, and Beharie and Mison prove to be up to the task. They have good chemistry from their first scene together, as Ichabod asks Abbie many of the questions you’d think an 18th-century white man would want to ask a 21st-century female African-American cop.

Wall Street Journal

Another bonus, for those who care, is Mr. Mison himself. Speaking in his native British accent, a little thin but tall and certifiably dreamy, he will forever give the name of Ichabod Crane a whole new meaning.

Micahel Ausiello (

I came for the mythology, I’m staying for the chemistry between leads Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. There will be a lot of people boarding this ‘ship.

It helps that Mison has a light touch as Crane, who is very concerned about the world in which he finds himself and the trouble that the Horseman can cause, but isn't so grim that he and the show become a self-parody. He has a warm rapport with Nicole Beharie from "42" as Abbie Mills, the local cop who very much wants to believe this strange visitor's incredible story...Too many sci-fi and fantasy shows want so desperately for you to take them seriously that they become afraid of humor, and incapable of letting their characters enjoy themselves for even a moment. Despite the ludicrous events unfolding around them, Crane and Mills both come across as human beings, played by interesting actors.


I'm sure there will be more to come.  Is everyone ready??!!