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"Just want to say thank you to all of our amazing fans. It is so much fun for all of us to
see the interest and art the show has inspired.” - Mark Goffman (Exec. Producer/Showrunner)


As we get closer to the scheduled May 6th start for shooting season 2, more news trickles in about the show. The production office has been open for a while, the writers have been hard at work for weeks, and now the out of town crew is starting to head back. It won't be long before the cast is back as well.

A new extras casting director has been chosen - Ashli Bogart Extras Casting is now on board for season 2. If you live anywhere near Wilmington, they are always looking for new faces. For information on how to register with them, the best thing to do is check out their Facebook page. It sounds like casting notices will start to come through next week.

One of my great resources of information for all production news is the Wilmywood blog, written by Sheila Brothers. Sheila has added another outlet to her list - she is now a contributor to the Community section of! She posted an article today about the production boom going on now in Wilmington and about all the sites there are to see if you plan on visiting. Click through here to read it.

@SleepyHollowFOX tweeted the above graphic, letting us get to know the talented folks that work so hard behind the scenes of the show. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook!

Sleepy Hollow Writers Hard at Work on Season 2


The Sleepy Hollow writers got a little virtual assistance from Tom today, with co-creator Phil Iscove posting a photo on Instagram, and new executive producer Albert Kim tweeting one as well, which you can see here.

PaleyFest Wrap Up

Just about this time last week, we were watching the live stream of the Sleepy Hollow panel at PaleyFest, and were overjoyed to see the gang back together. Good times. It was a really fun panel, with lots of great stories about how season one got put together, and some hints about what season two will have to offer. Here are several stories and interviews that have been posted since, and links to additional articles and interviews, in case you haven't quite had your fill yet.

LA Times - 'Sleepy Hollow' EPs reflect on first season, tease what's to come

TV Guide - Sleepy Hollow Welcomes New Allies and Foes in Season 2

Golden Globes - Sleepy Hollow Exclusive Video from PaleyFest

Collider - PaleyFest 2014: Mison, Beharie, Kurtzman, Orci, Wiseman, and Goffman talk SLEEPY HOLLOW - Sleepy Hollow at PaleyFest: The Cast on What to Expect in Season 2, the Possible Return of John Cho, Ichabbie 'Shipping, and More


PaleyFest 2014: Mison, Beharie, Kurtzman, Orci, Wiseman, and Goffman Talk SLEEPY HOLLOW
PaleyFest 2014: Mison, Beharie, Kurtzman, Orci, Wiseman, and Goffman Talk SLEEPY HOLLOW
PaleyFest 2014: Mison, Beharie, Kurtzman, Orci, Wiseman, and Goffman Talk SLEEPY HOLLOW

A clip posted by The Paley Center for Media:


A video posted by the Associated Press:


From Yahoo! TV:


And finally, Tom being utterly adorable while trying to do a PaleyFest promo:

Sleepy Hollow Slated to Start Shooting May 6th

According to Hunter Ingram (@WilmOnFilm), shooting for season 2 of Sleepy Hollow is scheduled start May 6th, as of now. The production offices are already open, and the writers are already back at it, figuring out how to get everyone out of the predicaments they left their characters in with that epic season one finale!

The show's cast and producers have teased that the Sleepy Hollow world will be expanding, and Sheila Brothers (@WilmywoodNC) reports today in her blog that the show has moved into an additional sound stage on the EUE Screen Gems lot (that makes 4, for those of you keeping score, in addition to the entire back lot). Sheila also reports that they've had their location scouts out looking for some more new locations in the Wilmington area.

It may be a long hiatus, but getting production reports from Wilmington again definitely helps ease the pain!