"Tom Mison says jaw dropped when told of this season's 'Sleepy Hollow' finale"

Interview with Tom, posted on September 18, 2014:

"That's why I loved it when I first read the pilot," Milson told critics. "It's crazy and it's not like anything I had read before."

There was no fear this show could ever jump the shark, he added, "because in the pilot we kicked the shark in the teeth."

Milson himself has jumped into a strange new world in his leap across the pond from London to Wilmington. "I'm still refusing to say, 'Y'all," he says of his Carolina experience. He likes the slower pace of life and especially swimming at the beach, admitting "that's something I don't usually do at six in the morning in England."

When an American reporter suggests he was enjoying better food he quickly corrects that impression to be "more food. "I'm living off pulled pork and bourbon and sweet potato fries. That's my Americanization."

He feels the series does have a lot of "English humour" in it, especially in the dialogue. "It would be very easy for a show about people battling for the side of good against evil ... to become earnest," he says. "So it's nice to avoid that by having a grown man confused by a pen."

Look for Crane to get even more confounded as the series goes on. Mison says he talks regularly with executive producer Mark Goffman about where the series is heading. When he was told about the cliff-hanger the producers have in store for this season, Milson says, "my jaw hit the ground even harder than when he told me the finale last season."

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Sleepy Hollow: Season 1 Finale Re-Airs Tonight

Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX

The shocking two-part Season 1 finale ("The Indispensable Man"/"Bad Blood") will be re-airing tonight on FOX. Hopefully. Check your local listings to see what time (mine says 8-10pm/7-9c, but TV Guide lists it as 7-9pm/6-8c) and whether it's being pre-empted by football. Or something else entirely. Fingers crossed we all get it and can relive those final, fateful 10 minutes when we all screamed at our TV's in unison 8 long months ago.

And, needless to say, don't forget that the Season 2 premiere is on Monday at 9pm/8c!

Sleepy Hollow: DVD in Stores Today


Today, Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow is finally available in stores and online at your favorite retailers! Along with 13 magnificent episodes, there are a bunch extras that make this a must have for every Sleepy Head:

  • Welcome to Sleepy Hollow – Follow the creative journey of the cast, creators and crew on the making of Sleepy Hollow
  • Mysteries and Mythology – The Secrets and Demons of Sleepy Hollow
  • Audio commentaries
    • Pilot – featuring Executive Producers Heather Kadin, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci and Len Wiseman
    • The Indispensable Man / Bad Blood – Featuring Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman and Mark Goffman and stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie
  • The Corbin Case Files – A look inside the files of Sheriff August Corbin and the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow
  • Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Crane – A mash-up of moments when Ichabod marvels at technology, contemporary culture and the doughnut holes
  • The HorsemanFeaturette about the horses behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and their trainer
  • The Horseman's Head – Special-effects featurette on creation of Headless’ head.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Grab your copy and make sure to watch before the Season 2 premiere on Monday, September 22nd at 9/8c!

Sleepy Hollow: TV Guide Spread - Returning Favorites

Photo by James Dimmock/FOX


TV Guide has a great 3 page spread in their "Returning Favorites" issue, out this week. In it, they show us how the costumes for some season 2 bad guys (and girl), have been conceptualized by the show's very talented Costume Designer, Kristin Burke (@Frocktalk). As Tom told TV Guide, "Sleepy Owes much to Kristin. Her knowledge of the period is remarkable, and she has a sense of fun."

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Sleepy Hollow returns for more spooky shenanigans one week from today, September 22nd at 9/8c. Plus, don't forget to pick up your Sleepy Hollow Season 1 DVD, in stores tomorrow!