Which of Tom's Short Films is Your Favorite?

Watch "The Creep"

A short film that Tom shot over 2 years ago has thankfully turned up on the blog, There Ought to be Clowns.  Click through the link and scroll down to watch.  Love their comments on the film too:

"Mark Jenkinson’s film The Creep, written by James Humphreys and Craig Hunt, has something of a crush on Mison too, with lingering shots as he dresses and shuffles out of what one assumes is an ill-advised one night stand. But the reason he’s leaving and what subsequently happens makes it a slightly different, quirkily amusing prospect and well worth the 5 minute watch."

(warning: NSFW)

UPDATE:  The above link was taken down, but you can still watch The Creep on YouTube here (and with a revised audio track from the original post).

Short Film "Creep" Almost Finished

Short Film "Creep" Almost Finished

The director of Tom's new short film Creep, Mark Jenkinson, tweeted the following this morning:

"Picture is nearly locked on the short film 'Creep' staring @tommison just sound and grade to go. #shortfilm #tommison"

Good to hear things are moving along!!